A New Interactive MPEG Format for the Music Industry

Publication Type:

Conference Proceedings


7th International Symposium on Computer Music Modeling and Retrieval (CMMR), Málaga, Spain (2010)


Music; Format; Interactivity; Interoperability; Standard; MPEG


It is well known that the music industry is going through a transformation. In this direction, a new interactive music service has emerged. It is expected that this new concept of digital music content will be the next generation of music services. However, a standardised file format is inevitably required to provide the interoperability between various interactive music players and interactive music albums. The new MPEG-A Interactive Music Application Format (IM AF) comes to address this issue. It integrates multiple audio tracks with appropriate additional information enabling users to experience various preset mixes and to make their own mixes complying with interactivity rules imposed by the music producer.