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Fazekas, G., Raimond, Y., Jacobson, K., Sandler, M. , "An Overview of Semantic Web Activities in the OMRAS2 Project", Journal of New Music Research, vol. 39, issue 4, pp. 295-311, 2010.
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Kudumakis, P., Cannam, C., Sutton, C., Wen, X., Levy, M., Harte, C., Noland, K., Raimond, Y., Zhou, R., Damnjanovic, I, Reiss, J., Sandler, S. , "Semantic music technologies on DMP platform", Digital Media Project GA17, Contribution No 1093, London, UK, 25 Jan 2008.
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Fazekas, G., Raimond, Y., Sandler, M. , A framework for producing rich musical metadata in creative music production, : 125th Convention of the AES, San Francisco, USA, 2008  .
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Raimond, Y., Sutton, C., Sandler, M. , Automatic Interlinking of Music Datasets on the Semantic Web, , 2008  .
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Raimond, Y., Abdallah, S., Sandler, M., Giasson, F. , The Music Ontology, , 2007  .
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